10/20/2004 - Site Hiccup

There was a slight hiccup on the site yesterday, that lasted until this morning. The permission on the webserver were screwed up so the site was returning a "forbidden" error when trying to view. Everything is cleared up now, and the site should be back to normal. I apologize for any convenience.

10/11/2004 - Granite Mountain Software announces a new Download Center

Granite Mountain Software is proud to announce it's new Download Center.
Files are no longer available as a direct download to a zip file. There is no charge to download any of the freeware or shareward applications, rather the download center allows me to better keep track of files that are downloaded (through counters). I was not able to do that when a site linked directly to the zip file. Also, as an added benefit, the Download Center will ALWAYS point to the latest version of a download, so this should eliminate "File not found" errors when sites try link directly to an old version of a application. For more information on the Download Center, please feel free to contact me.

09/28/2004 - UT Cache Extractor Updated

The UT Cache Extractor has been Updated. For complete information, visit the products page.

08/27/2004 - GMS Graphic File Converter Released

GMS announces the release of a new utility, the GMS Graphic File Converter. The GMS Graphic File Converter is a command line utility to convert images from one format to another. I built this to use for making batch conversions of textures for UT2004, but it will work with any of the supported formats. For complete information, visit the products page.

03/08/2004 - New Software Released

New versions of both the Screen Capture Converter and the Cache Extractor are available,
with support for UT2004 and UT2004 Demo. For complete information, visit the products page.

02/27/2004 - Site Move Complete

The site is on the new host, and everything seems to be working correctly.

02/24/2004 - Site Move

I am moving to a new server, so the site may be down for a few days over the next week or two.

12/11/2003 - Site is no longer running from backup server

The server that hosts my site had experienced a hard drive failure. I was running on a backup server, and subsequently some of the subdomains and databases were available. I apologize for any inconvenience. The site is now back up. I will be working throughout the day to restore all the databases to normal.

09/14/2003 - Granite Mountain Software Releases File Cleaner (Beta)

File Cleaner will delete all of the files in a directory and its subdirectories that are older than a particular date. It is useful if you need to cleanup older files in a directory structure. For complete information, visit the products page.

09/13/2003 - Granite Mountain Software Moves to a new Web Server

The web site was moved to a new server this week, however we are still experiencing a few hiccup's with the SQL database, so you may see a few errors.  Everything should be cleared up in a day or so.

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