Why Donate?

I have put many, many hours (only God knows for how long =) into programming software.  This takes up a considerable amount of my free time and my weekends.  None of the Freeware or Shareware I have created to date contains any time use limitations, no functionality limitations, no annoying popups. This page is the one place where I ask for your support.

A few of the programs have been extremely popular over the years.  After continually exceeding the bandwidth of my free website, I finally had to purchase my own Web server space and domain. After the release of Path Creator v2, this very popular freeware program was downloaded enough times in the first 4 days of December 2002 to exceed the bandwidth allocation of my web server for the entire month!

Therefore, as surprising as this may seem :-), I do not really make any money from my software, even from the few shareware apps I have written over the years (most have been freeware).  I do this mostly because I enjoy it.  However, decent server space on the web is not free, so although most of the software I have created is freeware, I ask that if you find it useful enough, please donate a few bucks to help offset some of my costs and my time.

If you like any of my applications enough to use regularly and if you think that it is worth a few bucks of your money... I thank you!!. You can send a donation using Paypal. Simply click the link below (you don't even need to have your own PayPal account.

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